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1. Outpatient Consultation
Particulars First Visit Charges (Rs) Revisit Charges
OPD Registration 250/- Free for one year from date of issue
However, charges for superspecialists/consultants/associates may vary in certain specialities but the same will be applicable across all consultants in that speciality.

2. Room Rent/Bed Charges

2.1 Basis for computing bed charges

2.1.1. Room rent shall be charged for full day on the day of admission irrespective of time of checking in. If the patient is discharged within 24 hours of admission, room/bed charges are charged only for one day. (Half day room rent shall be charged in case of stay exceeding 12 hours on the day of discharge and full day room rent shall be charged in case of stay exceeding 16 hours).

2.1.2. When a patient is shifted from one Ward to another, bed charges for the accommodation occupied for the maximum number of hours during the day will be charged.

2.2 Bed transfer

2.2.1 Post surgery, normally a stay is required in the post-operative recovery area for a few hours. Depending upon the medical condition of the patient, he/she may be shifted either to the room or for extended monitoring to the Intensive Care Unit. No bed charges are taken for the post-operative recovery area.

2.2.2 In case the patient is shifted from a lower to a higher category, the charges for the consultant visits, investigations and surgery from the date of transfer / bed shifting will be according to the higher category. No reverse is entertained.

2.2.3. In case of credit patients, the request for transfer to a higher category will require approval from authorized signatory of respective company/TPA/insurance. In case approval is not provided, patient will pay the balance amount (other than entitlement) at the time of discharge.

2.2.4. In case a patient requests a shift to a lower category, the charges will be applicable from the date of transfer. Shift will require consent of treating doctor and approval of Medical Superintendent.

2.3 Category wise Bed Charges

Hospital has different categories of beds from Four Bedded Economy to Suite. Moreover hospital has well equipped ICU beds. Room tariff will be charged as per the hospital policy.

2.3.1 The Room Tariff includes in addition to stay with complete housekeeping, patient uniforms, linen & laundry, room specific standard amenities, food & beverages as advised by the Clinician/s for the patient, the nursing care. It does not included Consulting Clinician/s fees/ Medicine & Consumables, Investigation/s and Procedures/Surgery.

3. General Information on Tariff and Procedure Charges

3.1 General Information

3.1.1 The diagnostic and procedure tariff shall be higher for In-Patients, than the corresponding tariff for Out Patients.

3.1.2 In case of packaged services additional amount shall be billed beyond standard duration of stay according to the occupied room tariff and for the use of additional consumables/ ventilators/defibrillators/investigations/IABP during the additional stay period.

3.1.3 Packaged Services include the cost of the procedure/surgery/ predefined diagnostic tests and set of consumable and the IP stay. No package service includes use of ventilator, IABP and incubator. It may include ICU/NICU stay with all infrastructural support for a limited duration within the package.

3.1.4 In The event of discounts, approval from the appropriate authority must be communicated in writing to the Billing Department before the discharge of the patient.

3.1.5 Discounts shall be given as per the discount policy of the hospital. There shall be no discounts offered on materials/consumables/ pharmacy.

3.1.6 Declaration of high risk cases & Emergency are subjected to the Clinical Audit and explanation by the performing clinician periodically.

3.2 Intensive Care Areas

3.2.1 ITU/ICCU/HDU/PICU/SCBU bed charges include use of Medical Gas, Syringe & Infusion Pump, Bed-Side Monitor, Defibrillator, and nursing care. It however does not include use of ventilators, IABP, medicines & consumables.

3.3 Day Care Surgery

3.3.1. Day care applies to patients admitted only between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

3.3.2. Bed charges are taken for the day care procedures/surgeries done under general anaesthesia/ spinal anaesthesia irrespective of the duration of stay in day care, however not exceeding a time of 6 hours. The operation charges will be that of the Economy category.

3.3.3. If patient stays in day care area beyond 6 hours, the bed charges will be that of Economy category. However, if patient requires hospitalization, the professional charges of doctor, investigations and OT charges will be according to the category where the patient is admitted.

4. Advance Booking Charges and Advance Deposit at the time of admission

4.1 Advance Booking Charges
Particulars Amount (Rs.)
Maternity Booking 3000/-

4.2 Refund

4.2.1 The booking advance shall be non refundable

4.2.2 The booking amount is adjusted in the final bill.

4.3 Advance Deposit at the time of Admission
Occupancy Category Amount
Medical Surgical
General 50,000/- 80% of Estimated Cost
Critical Care

The advance taken is adjusted in the final bill.

In case of Bill value being less than advance deposit or Surgery getting cancelled, the advance deposit amount is refunded, by cheque.

5. Inpatient Consultation

5.1 Consultants outpatient consultancy charges and IPD (ward) visit charges will be billed as per the existing hospital policy.

5.2 The emergency visit will be charged between 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM only. The emergency visit charges will be levied as per hospital policy.
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